ProHabitatge participates in different networks and experiences relating to housing analysis and policy.

ProHabitatge participates in the European Federation of National Organizations Working with the Homeless (FEANTSA). The Federation was created in 1989 and it now groups together 90 not-for-profit organizations from 29 countries, including the 25 Member States of the European Union (UE). ProHabitatge is a Full Member of FEANTSA’s Administrative Council and was Spain’s representative on the Administrative Council from 2004 to 2006. In its turn, it participates in the Housing Rights Expert Working Group. ;


ProHabitatge participates in the Red de Equipos de Trabajo en Vivienda (Housing Working Group Network), a network of Youth Council of Spain member organizations, public institutions and social organizations with renown in the field of housing analysis and study. ProHabitatge also participates in the RETVI e-bulletin.

Inclusion Housing Network. XHI
Since 2006 ProHabitatge has participated in the Xarxa de Vivendes d’Inclusió (Inclusion Housing Network), whose purpose is to increase and consolidate a public and private network of housing run by social institutions to cover the residential needs of groups at risk of exclusion. The XHI is coordinated and promoted by ADIGSA and Obra Social de Caixa Catalunya.

Social Consensus on Migrations
The Social Consensus on Migrations in Catalonia began in 2005 with a series of debates in which various experts and other people linked to the study of migrations participated with a view to drafting a seminal document that would be useful for developing debates between institutions regarding how to adapt the structures and the social and political fabric of migrations. ProHabitatge joined in this project in early 2007.

Housing Rights Watch. HRW

ProHabitatge participates in FEANTSA Europe’s Housing Rights Watch, a group formed by an interdisciplinary network of institutions, academics and lawyers who work together to defend housing rights. The network is coordinated at the country level by a correspondent, which in Spain’s case is ProHabitatge. The network is in its incipient stages, but it already has correspondents in countries like France, Slovenia, Ireland, Italy or Belgium.

“Right to Rights” Project

In 2008, the ProHabitatge Association signed an agreement to participate in the University of Barcelona’s Faculty of Law project called "dret al Dret" (literally, “Right to Law”). This project, shared by academics, social organizations and public institutions, seeks to improve and favor the defense and exercise of the rights of underprivileged individuals and breitling replica groups.

Barcelona Social Housing Council

The ProHabitatge Association joined the Barcelona Social Housing Council in 2009. This is a consultative and participative body of the Barcelona Housing Council, which is formed in turn by the Barcelona City Council and the Autonomous Government of Catalonia. The Barcelona Social Housing Council has more than 60 members.

Catalan Federation of Institutions Working with Homeless people
In 2009, ProHabitatge, together with Fundació Arrels, promoted the creation of the Catalan Federation of Institutions Working for the Homeless, which has also received the explicit support of ADIGSA and Obra Social de Caixa Catalunya.