Housing Mediation

ProHabitatge was the first social association to apply Mediation techniques and methods to the housing field. In this regard, the ProHabitatge Association has a Mediation Information Service specialized in housing and it provides different specialized services, including:

- Housing Mediation Service in protected housing development programs in the municipality of Reus. GUPSA

Housing Mediation can be applied to different areas of action, including:

- Official Protection housing development
-  Rental housing pools
-  Residential programs targeting specific groups
-  Nursing homes
-  Students’ residences
-  Protected housing
-  Shelters
-  Social hotels
-  Shared housing
-  Eviction and foreclosure situations
-  Prevention of real-estate harassment
In 2006, the ProHabitatge Association organized the First Hosuing Mediation Seminar with the louboutin pumper support of the Autonomous Government of Catalonia’s Ministry of Social Action and Citizenship.