We Strive to Offer Decent Housing to Everybody

ProHabitatge is an independent, not-for-profit association that has been working since 1999 to prevent and eradicate homelessness and residential exclusion in Catalonia from a Human Rights perspective.

Thus, the association manages different public housing programs and has its own residential programs.

The ProHabitatge team is made up solely of professionals specializing in the residential field from different areas like law, social work, mediation or economics, who form a social action association specializing in housing.

The association is registered with:
  • Autonomous Government of Catalonia Registry of Associations, under number 22354
  • Department of Social Action and Citizenship’s Registry of Social Associations, Services and Establishments, under number E03308
  • Registered as a Specialized Social Support Service for Primary Care under registration number S04806
  • The association is also a collaborator of ICASS, the Catalan Institute for Social Assistance and Services


  • To work towards ensuring the right to decent and adequate housing
  • To reinforce equal opportunities in access to housing
  • To facilitate access to housing by underprivileged groups
  • To develop support measures aimed at preventing residential exclusion


ProHabitatge provides services in the residential field for people with problems gaining access to housing or problems in maintaining their status and the risk of losing their homes. In this regard, the association’s main tasks are based on the following activities: 

  • Social mediation for housing access
  • Residential social mediation to prevent exclusion
  • Social monitoring and assistance
  • Legal advice relating to housing
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Where Are We?

ProHabitatge Association
C/ Consell de Cent no. 254, pis 2º2ª 08011 Barcelona - Catalonia
Telephone: +34 93 453 40 19 Fax: +34 93 453 40 26
Email: prohabitatge@prohabitatge.org