Inclusionary Housing

Decree 244/2005 regulates the Inclusion Housing Network for both city and town councils and not-for-profit organizations. As a service provider, ProHabitatge manages housing for town councils as well as its own housing.

At present the association runs approximately 30 inclusion houses in different cities and towns, including:

  • Barcelona
  • Santa Coloma de Gramenet 
  • Terrassa
  • Prat del Llobregat

Target Groups

  • ProHabitatge works with more than 160 people with various residential and social problems
  • 48% of the total targets in the social programmes are women, and 34% of residential units are single-parent, with most having suffered situations of gender violence.
  • 33% of the people participating in the programme for target groups are immigrants, and 20% are from the Roma ethnic group.
  • The housing problems presented by users before gaining access to the association’s residential resources are basically related to over-occupancy, infra-housing and homelessness.

Housing Characteristics

  • ProHabitatge runs close to 30 inclusion housing units.
  • Most of these are houses rented by the association or handed over by the town councils and the rest of the property.
  • In these housing units, the degree of supervision of the users is mostly “assisted”, with support and supervision.