Would you like to help us?

ProHabitatge runs programs targeting people with precarious residential situations, like the homeless, people living in poor inhabitability conditions, or in over-occupied hosuing. Our work in the field often brings us face-to-face with inefficiencies or administrative problems in running government programs.

As a result, monetary donations and the assignment of properties gives us financial and management independence. ProHabitatge considers that it cannot depend on government subsidies to become an independent not-for-profit association.


Assignment of Buildings or Flats

If you would like to assign a flat to us free of charge, in exchange for a royalty fee, or if you have inherited a building that you cannot run, please don’t hesitate to contact us at
  prohabitatge@prohabitatge.org or by phone at +34 93 453 40 19.

Monetary Donations

By donating money, you are helping ProHabitatge to continue its work in creating residential spaces and defending the residential rights of the most vulnerable population segment.

How can you help?

1. Regular donations

2. Once-only donation

3. Inheritances

Tax Break 

You can deduct 25% of your contribution in your IRPF (personal income tax) return, or 35% in your Corporate Tax return.